NPOC EC Meeting Notes – Tuesday, July 30 2019


  • Joan: She will not close the Canadian bank account until we decide on what we want to do with respect to the bank.
  • Carlos: Suggests we get the standard by-laws for nonprofits in Estonia, which NPOC can adapt for its use.
    • Also does not recommend closing the Canadian bank account, but to do the necessary annual filing to keep the bank account open.
    • Recommends we have the same officers for the bank signatories
  • Juan: We can refer to the bank account in the charter, without getting into the specifics of the operations. Just say we will have a bank account and some NPOC members will be delegated as signatories.
  • David: We should have long-term NPOC members as trustees for the supporting organisation in addition to the bank signatories, so that we always have easy access to them i.e. the bank signatories do not need to be just the current EC members.
  • There were discussions about whether the NPOC charter should refer to the existence of the supporting organisation or not.
  • The charter of supporting organisation will state that the organisation’s trustees and the bank account signatories have the responsibility to present the financial statements to NPOC.
  • Action Items:
    • Raoul and Carlos: Will put together a working group to gather more information about the regulatory requirements of maintaining a registered nonprofit in Estonia and looking at how ISOC chapters manage their financial resources. Will have this information ready by the meeting in Montreal.
    • Raoul: Will get advice on the best strategy to go with regards to setting-up a foundation and next steps from Ed Morris (former GNSO councillor and a lawyer) and others. Will start that by August when more people are back from vacation. Will have information about this ready by Montreal, so we can make a final decision on this.
    • Raoul: Will draft the charter for the supporting organisation


  • Action Item:
    • Will go ahead and send the charter as is to the NPOC members for review.


  • Joan: NPOC plans to have an in-reach (capacity-building for existing members) and outreach effort (to new and potential members).
  • Maryam: Gave an overview of the changes to CROP guidelines.
  • Action Item:
    • Joan, Juan & Caleb: To work on the marketing material for Montreal. They will get the timelines of production from ICANN and plan accordingly.
    • All: Include additional events to the Google Docs for outreach events to be added to the CROP application (the Google Docs document will be shared with everyone).
    • Joan: Will check if there is an existing travel policy (that informs how travel lots to ICANN meetings are allocated) and if, will start the process for the team to draft one.


  • Joan: Received feedback from NCSG that NPOC appointees were not participating actively in the FC, PC and other working groups and sub-committees.
  • Juan: He is not always able to participate in the meetings as the times don’t always work for him. He is only behind in the membership approvals.
  • Carlos: NPOC has a lot of work to do and if our appointed members cannot attend the meetings, we should send a representative. Otherwise, we risk being left behind in activities happening in NCSG.
  • Maryam: NCSG EC does not allow for alternates.
  • Action Items:
    • Joan: Will find out what the specific complaints are regarding NPOC participation.


  • Juan gave an update on how the members call went.
  • Juan: Is working on a survey for members to find out their NPOC and DNS-related areas of interest.


  • Caleb: Asked about organisations he had pitched NPOC to, who had applied, but were not accepted as members.
  • Joan: There is a process for applying for NPOC membership that needs to be adhered to. If applicant organisations do not supply all the required information, they will be asked to supply it and if they don’t, their applications will no longer be pursued.


  • Joan: Has a call with Maureen Hillyard of ALAC the following day.


  • Action Item:
    • Caleb: To make some updates to the website (Edit the newcomer’s section and add links to the Beginner’s Guide,

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