NPOC EC Meeting Notes – Tuesday, August 20 2019

PRESENT: Joan Kerr, Oreoluwa Lesi, Carlos Raul Gutierrez, Juan Manuel Rojas, David Cake, Caleb Ogundele, Maryam Bakoshi (ICANN Staff)

APOLOGIES: Raoul Plommer


Action Items:

  • Ore: Update the Google Docs Action Items list and upload to Wiki (Speak to Maryam about access to Wiki)
  • Upload the action items to the Wiki and link from website
  • Upload all meeting minutes to the website and link from the Wiki


  • There is no update on this as Raoul is away on vacation this week.


Action Item:

  • Ore: Always include financial update in the agenda, so we can discuss and members can review
  • Ore: Always include the most recent version of the financial record to EC mailing list along with meeting minutes for their knowledge and review



  • Joan: Pulled up NCUC’s travel policy, as per Caleb’s inquiry for reference.

Action Items:

  • Joan: Will put up a Google docs document, so we can start to draft our own version of the travel policy.


  • Joan: Asks that everyone makes comments on the Google Docs draft she has started.
  • Carlos: Would like us to get more involved in RPMs. Martin Silva Valent will update us on policy developments in RPMs, IGOs and INGOs.
  • Dave: The policy developments focus on IGOs doesn’t have much impact on NPOC’s work, but the work related to INGO does.
  • Carlos: IGOs have been very active and vocal, but no one is really representing the causes of the INGOs.

Action Item:

  • Dave: We should ask from INGOs contacts of ours on what their needs are with respect to domain names. He and Carlos will draft a message that we can share with INGOs.


  • Joan: Has produced some NPOC buttons and they look great.
  • Joan: Believes that the website is our main marketing tool and will discuss some suggestions with Caleb offline.

Action Items:

  • Joan will discuss some suggestions for the website with Caleb offline.


  • Dave: Apologised for not participating in it as much as possible. Informed everyone that there is an NCSG PC meeting tomorrow (Aug. 21). He will share the details with everyone so as many members who can attend to do so.
  • There are a few open calls for comments at the moment. Should comment on the INGO.
  • Joan: We should certainly be contributing to more public comments


  • Joan: Would like the survey to be broader.
  • Juan: Will edit the survey as required.
  • Caleb: Suggested Juan moves the survey to Google Docs so we can all comment on it and suggested that he asks Bruna or Stephanie for their NCSG survey questions to help inform what we have in this draft.
  • Ore: Suggested Juan moves the final version in another tool like Google Forms, as Survey Monkey does not allow exporting of data collected.
  • Joan: Add a question around engagement e.g. are they interested in leading regional efforts.
  • Maryam: We have 2 new pending NPOC members. They should be fully subscribed later this week.

Action Item:

  • Juan will edit the survey.


  • Ore: Asked about the next NPOC members’ call
  • Juan: Wasn’t able to do one this month. He would like to get the survey out before the next call.
  • Joan: Suggested that we have the meeting first and then let people know at the meeting that Juan will be sending out the survey.

Action Items:

  • Juan: Will look at a suitable date in September (maybe the 11th) and send have the survey opened till early October.
  • Joan, Carlos and Dave will talk offline about developing a policy committee


  • Joan: Maureen suggested that the GAC is added to the joint session, so we will be looking at a broader resource sharing session. So the session would be planned with the GAC.


  • The next NPOC EC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17 at 1300 UTC.
  • The next members’ call is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 (time to be confirmed)

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