How to join?

How to join?

NPOC is part of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders’ Group, (NCSG), of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, (ICANN)

NCSG has Organizational and Individual members and is comprised of 2 Constituencies, the Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) and Not-for-profit Organizations Constituency (NPOC).

  • NCSG Organizational members may join one, both or no Constituency.

Note: The option for joining either the NPOC or NCSG Constituency is contained within the application form.

You must apply with this form:

Check list:

1. The Organization is incorporated as a noncommercial entity (in countries that have such a provision in their commercial code) or, if unincorporated, or if operating in a country without provisions for noncommercial incorporation, that operates on a not‑for‑profit basis primarily for noncommercial purposes, and

2. Be the exclusive user of at least one domain name.

3. Is engaged in online activities that are primarily noncommercial, including, e.g., advocacy, educational, religious, human rights, charitable, scientific and artistic, and

4. In the case of a membership-based organization, the organization should not only be noncommercial itself, but should have a primarily noncommercial focus, and the membership should also be primarily composed of noncommercial members.  (E.g., a chamber of commerce, though it may be a noncommercial organization itself, and might even have some noncommercial members, is primarily composed of commercial organizations and has a commercial focus and would not be eligible for membership.)

NPOC public mailinglist services :

The NPOC – Executive Committee listserve public archives are located at:

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