Membership Committee

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee’s primary focus will be to recruit new members, review new member applications to determine eligibility, maintain the active member list and determine the eligibility for elections.

Officers. As long as there are sufficient willing participants, the Policy Committee shall consist of the following officers:

  • Chair;
  • Vice Chair;
  • Recorder; and
  • The General Assembly, which shall consist of no less than two (2) and no more than eight (8) members.


  • Receive and review Member applications and, if the information in the application is not sufficient to warrant acceptance, notify the applicant and request additional information;
  • Establish, execute and assure compliance with the new Member application process;
  • Accept new Members who qualify in accordance with this Charter;
  • Maintain the list of Members with contact information and update at least every six months;
  • Determine the ICANN geographical Region(s) represented by each Member. This determination will be made based on citizenship, residence, duration of residency or experience within a Region, depth of involvement in Internet matters in the Region, and other criteria as contained in the ICANN Bylaws or approved by the ICANN Board;
  • Devise and conduct recruitment and outreach programs;
  • Elections and Reporting
  • Determine the active voting status of Members;
  • Upon receipt from the EC of a notice of an upcoming election, confirm the identity and status of Constituency Members eligible to vote and run for office at least forty (40) days prior to the beginning of such election;
  • Accept nominations for offices to be filled by such election and, in the case of more than four (4) nominations for any office, determine the top four (4) candidates, who will be included on the ballot. In the case of a dispute about this determination, any interested party may appeal the decision to the EC; and
  • Notify the EC of the names of the candidates for each office at least ten (10) days prior to the deadline for providing ballots to Constituency Members eligible to vote in such election.
  • Advise and assist the EC, NPOC as a whole and perform other duties as reasonable requested; and
  • Establish work groups to perform as needed.

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