NPOC & NCUC Joint Session at ICANN74

NPOC & NCUC Joint Session at ICANN74

The NPOC & NCUC joint Meeting was held on the 16th of June 2022, at the Amazon room during the ICANN73 policy forum at the World forum, the Hague, Netherlands. The joint leadership of the Non-commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) as well as the Non-Profit organisation Constituency (NPOC) was adequately represented both onsite and online at the meeting Hybrid meeting. 


The NPOC chair (Raoul Plommer) started by introducing the NPOC EC members who were present in the room – Emmanuel Vitus (NPOC Secretary) and Bolutife Adisa (NPOC Communications Chair). He added that the constituency had elected a new Vice Chair () and Policy chair (Juan Manuel Rojas) who will lead NPOC’s policy engagement activities for the next election year. 

The chair then proceeded to share updates on the activities of the constituency in the last two years, stating the general impact of COVID and how the community had been resilient despite the challenging times. He further highlighted that the new NPOC charter has reached its final stage of implementation and is awaiting review & confirmation from the ICANN board. 


“In the coming year, our focus will be more on supporting the ICANN policy development process”, he said, as Raoul shares the constituency’s interest in pushing all its EC members into different policy development topics. Particular interest was shown for the ‘Domain Transfer Policy’ topic as one of the main focus areas for the next year.


Finally, The Non-commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) policy chair (Tomslin ) encouraged both the NPOC and NCUC to increase its participation in policy processes as more topics emerge in the coming months.

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