Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee (EC)

  • Conduct Elections. In accordance with the provisions in Section 8.0 the EC shall:
    • Direct the Membership Committee Chair to announce a call for candidate nominations at least sixty (60) days prior to an election and establish a list of the Members eligible to vote in such election including their status/vote allocation;
    • Establish and oversee a secure, confidential, and accurate balloting procedure;
    • Obtain from the Membership Committee Chair the names of candidates for each office to be elected or obtain from the Policy Development Committee Chair the title of the policy issue for vote;
    • Collect and post on the NPOC website a statement of qualifications and intentions of all candidates or policy issues on the ballot;
    • Create and provide ballots to each Constituency Member designated representative eligible to vote at least thirty (30) days prior to the close of voting for such election;
    • Supervise the vote count for accuracy and ensure that members are notified of the results in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Manage Funding and Expenditures. The EC shall:
    • Obtain and monitor NPOC funding from ICANN, individuals and organizations that are not Members, and other sources;
    • Approve a budget proposed by the Secretariat at least annually and approve reports on expenditures at the end of each budget period; and
    • Keep records and make such accountings as are necessary to satisfy the requirements of any funding source or grant.
  • Make Appointments. The EC shall appoint or recommend NPOC members as candidates, upon request, to serve on, or as liaison with, other ICANN structures, including the ICANN Nominating Committee if so requested by the NCSG Executive Committee.
  • Establish Additional Committees and Working Groups. The EC may propose to the Constituency Members requests to establish additional temporary or permanent committees or working groups. Such requests may originate from within the EC itself or from any Constituency Member. The EC shall post such a request on the NPOC website.
    The request shall:  
    • Explain the need for and intended purpose of such entity;
    • Propose committee formation criteria, eligibility requirements for members of the committee, and committee functions and procedures in addition to those stated in Section 4.0;
    • State a date, not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the request is posted, on which such entity will be formed, unless three (3) or more Members request in writing to the EC that the EC request to create a new committee or working groups be put to Member vote.
    • Upon a sufficient request for a Member vote, the EC shall conduct a vote on approving the request in accordance with the procedures for an election set forth in Section 8.0.
    • Any committee or working group established pursuant to this Section shall comply with the requirements of Section 2.0.
  • Resolve Disputes. The EC shall hear and resolve disputes among members and any appeal from a decision made by the Membership Committee Chair.
  • Records Retention. The EC shall maintain all records required by the ICANN Board for GNSO structures to maintain for no less than four (4) years to ensure that a full three (3) year record is available for each renewal/reconfirmation period.

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