What is NPOC?

The Not-for-Profit Organizations Constituency (NPOC) is the home for Not-for-Profit organizations like NGOs, wishing to have a voice in internet governance.

The Not-for-Profit Organizations Constituency (NPOC) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a Constituency of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG), under the Generic Name Supporting Organization (GNSO) as specified by the ICANN Bylaws.

NPOC’s mission is to represent Not-for-Profit Organizations by addressing their operational concerns in the generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs) through the ICANN Policy Development Process (PDP) in the scope of the GNSO.

Operational Concerns are defined as issues arising from the use of the gTLDs by the not-for-profit organizations to achieve their own mission. Those include: Domain Name Fraud, Intellectual Property Abuse, Privacy, Security, Stability and Resiliency, as well as transparent registration and continued ownership of domain names. These are accomplished through engagement activities in the development of DNS policies in cooperation with the wider internet community.
The members of the NPOC are committed to carrying out its mission in an accountable, balanced, open, and transparent manner and ensuring that new participants, the ICANN community, and the general public may easily access and understand its operations and processes. NPOC follows the ICANN Code of Conduct.

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