A note from Joan Kerr, NPOC Chair

A note from Joan Kerr, NPOC Chair

Dear NPOC Members,

On behalf of the Executive Committee (EC), I would like wish you a Happy New Year, one of prosperity and happiness. Your Executive Members are: Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele, David Cake, Juan Manuel Rojas, Oreoluwa Somolu Lesi and Raoul Plommer.

The EC is very busy with its priority of building a stable foundation for NPOC, however, we’ve been a little silent with you. Please accept my apologies, and for the remainder of my term, I will commit to communicating with you more often and to work with you more closely to make NPOC the amazing Constituency it aught t be. I will not be addressing the general meetings attendances or ICANN participation, only the development of the Constituency.

The Executive Committee embraced a sustainable strategy to work on building a strong organization in order to better serve its members. This meant revisiting or developing the necessary administrative functionalities that would enable the EC to responsibilities. I would like to share these with you.

  1. Charter Review: The EC delved into updating the charter, only to discover that many sections had dual and sometimes conflicting or even contradictory statements. It was decided that a very comprehensive rewrite and redefinition had to take place. The charter will be available by ICANN64 for your input.
  1. Creating a Policy Committee: NPOC EC spent a lot of time to define the operational issues and the newly formed committee is tasked with creating public comment and informing members about policies and encourage their comments and expertise.
  2. Branding NPOC: the development of marketing and promotional materials, such as a new logo, banner, Getting Started Guide, Welcome letter. These are stored so subsequent Committees can utilize them.
  1. Financial responsibilities: NPOC EC had to address a number of financial issues stemming from previous years, with little or no info, it was finally resolved and procedures established for the future.
  2. The npoc.org website is being revamped to include a more member focus platform.
  3. Creating a tracking system for actions

NPOC resources and information gathering

Website: www.npoc.org

NPOC wiki

Npoc Discuss List

Skype NPOC 

Looking forward to communicating and work more closely,


Joan Kerr,

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