Action Items for NPOC from ICANN65

Below were the major action items that emerged from the meetings of the NPOC EC at ICANN65.

Some are assigned to a specific NPOC member(s), while others will be further discussed at the next EC meeting.


  • Raoul: Need to get more information about all the regulatory requirements of the proposed supporting organisation e.g. preparing audited financial reports, filing returns to regulatory body so that NPOC members can make a fully informed decision.
  • Raoul: Will discuss the idea of the proposed supporting organisation / foundation (to be legally registered in Estonia) with Ed Morris (former GNSO councillor and a lawyer) to his input on best way to proceed.
  • All: Need to decide how to proceed with the Charter with respect to the proposed supporting organisation ie if we decide to go ahead with the supporting organisation, this needs to be referenced in the Charter.
  • Carlos suggests that we find out from ISOC chapters on how they set-up bank ac counts for their respective chapters.
  • In the NCSG open meeting, Avria Doria mentioned (in response to a question on finances by Remmy Nweke) that any questions about opening a bank account for a constituency should be run by the ICANN CFO, Xavier Calvez


  • Schedule meeting with Jean-Jacques Sahel to discuss outreach materials needed for ICANN66 and other ways that the Stakeholder Engagement office can support NPOC.
  • We also need to clarify the information that is required to complete the CROP application.
  • We need to develop a fully-fleshed outreach plan (which is different from the CROP application document, where a lot of specific information is being re quested).
  • Joan: Send an email to GSE Africa to seek clarification on definition of the term “under-served.”
  • Download the regional strategic plans from the respective RALO websites, so we can consider these as we develop our NPOC strategic plan.


  • Look for someone who is very active, though maybe not within ICANN, we can look at bringing them into ICANN (NPOC)
  • Clarify what the criteria for joining the NomCom is and start to identify members who might qualify and let them know.


  • Raoul and Caleb will review the ICANN Wiki, website and other existing resources so that we can use what we have efficiently to maintain a vibrant online presence.
  • All: Send meeting notes to Caleb to post to the NPOC blog


  • Maryam will ask about the deadlines for submitting new materials to be printed and for translation
  • Raoul: Send a request immediately to Jean Jacques and Adam Peake for GSE to work on slide decks to be made


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