NPOC Charter Review

NPOC started the process of reviewing its charter in October 2016. Below you will find timelinecommittee membersmeeting recordsworking document etc.

NPOC Charter Review Time table

1) Formal decision by EC to review and amend the NPOC charter. (Done) 

2) Monday 3rd of October: 

a) Formally announce to ICANN staff and constituency the review and amendment with timetable. 

b) Request expression of interest to join review team (NPOC members) 

3) Monday the 10th of October. First call Charter review team 

4) Monday the 10th of October-Sunday 6th of November First Round review by Charter review team 

5) Sunday 6th of November, Presentation of first draft review text during NPOC Constituency day ICANN 57 Hyderabad 

6) Sunday 6th of November – Monday 5th of December Second round review by Charter review team 

7) Monday 12th of December – Presentation and discussion of second-round draft during call. 

8) Wednesday 15th December- Second-round draft send for staff review. (allow 10 working days) 

9) 6th January put for public comment, (allow 30 working days) 

10) Board review

Current Committee Members

All interested members are invited to join the review committee, please send an email to, if you want to be part of the charter review committee.

Joan Kerr, Remmy Nweke, Oreoluwa Lesi, David Cake, Juan Manuel Rojas, Caleb Ogundele

Working Document

Draft Charter

Meeting Records

10 Oct 2018: mp3 | ac recording

02 Oct 2018: mp3 | AC recording | ac chat

10 Apr 2018transcript | mp3 | ac chat

06 Mar 2018: transcript | mp3 | ac chat

28 Feb 2018: transcript | mp3 | ac chat

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