NPOC EC Meeting Notes – Tuesday, May 26 2020

PRESENT: Joan Kerr, Raoul Plommer, Oreoluwa Lesi, Ioana Stupariu, Carlos Raul Gutierrez, Caleb Ogundele, Maryam Bakoshi (ICANN Staff)


  • Maryam: No updates yet. NPOC and NCUC aren’t having any meetings.


  • Ore: Shared updates about open public comments, the call for publications for ICANN68 and upcoming GNSO Council elections.
  • Ore just helped to draft (was a penholder) for a public comment on behalf on NCSG for the Africa regional plan for FY 2021 to 2025.
  • EC agreed that when public comments are shared, if there is no specific comment, EC members (or any other NPOC members) can indicate agreement with the comment on the relevant (e.g. NCSG) mailing list with sample statements such as “I agree” or “No comment from me”.
  • Action Item:
  • Ore will share the public comment she helped to draft with Joan and rest of the EC members for last minute review.
  • Joan will follow-up with Carlos on the Policy Actions list compiled from priority areas shared by Sam LaFranco.


  • Ioana: Updated us about the membership-related documents that have been shared with the EC members. She also updated the EC on welcome pack sent to the two new NPOC members.


  • Raoul: Is working on documentation for the Next Cloud task management feature. Suggests asking ICANN to create a webinar on this.
  • Ore: Suggested looking for an existing training / tutorial video on using NextCloud’s task management system on YouTube rather than creating something new.
  • Caleb: Asks why we don’t use the GNSO Wiki to store our documents like other groups do?
    • Joan: It’s ICANN staff’s job to update the wiki, but our responsibility is to keep the website updated and make sure that all key documents are properly stored and available for community use.
  • He has addressed most of the website issues raised by Tapani Tarvainen on the NPOC Discuss mailing list
  • Joan: We must have all the relevant documents that NPOC members need stored where all EC members can access them. This should be done even if we still link to other repositories such as the GNSO wiki.
  • Action Item:
  • Raoul: Will look for a tutorial video for NextCloud’s task management from YouTube.
  • All: Upload their NPOC documents to NextCloud.


  • Ore shared the latest financial records today. There are no updates required to be made to it.
  • Joan: We will need to create a projected budget for NPOC funds.
  • Ioana: Most of our activities are online now, so there aren’t too many expenses at the moment.


  • Nothing aside from any updates made in Policy Issues & Review section above


  • Estonia Organisation:
  • Action Item:
  • Raoul needs to put together the information about pros and cons of setting-up an organisation in Estonia

  • NomCom:
  • The last meeting was cancelled and another scheduled for this week. Raoul will attend the next one and update us afterwards.
  • Asked that we discuss our strategy for this. Suggests the most straightforward way is to get 1 of the CSG seats for NPOC (CSG has 2 seats). The other suggestion is to take the 1 seat allocated to GAC, which they haven’t used.
  • Joan: Suggests we discuss a strategy after the next NomCom meeting.
  • Ore: From listening to the audio recordings of one of the previous NomCom meetings, the decision of getting a seat or which seat would be allocated to NPOC appears to be up to the GNSO Council. So while we can make suggestions to the Council, it is up to them to decide the way forward on this.
  • Joan: She is on the Public Interest Registry (PIR) Advisory Council in her personal capacity and suggests trying to get that seat converted to a constituency (NCSG) seat, that would be open to both NCUC and NPOC members.
  • Carlos: Is in agreement with this strategy
  • Caleb: Since PIR is the registry operator for .org, he believes that this seat should be kept strictly for representation from NPOC.
  • Action Item:
  • Raoul: Will ask Remmy for updates on the last meetings
  • Ore: Suggests Raoul listen to the audio recordings or read the meeting minutes of the last NomCom meeting for the updates before the next NomCom meeting.


  • Raoul: There is no update on the charter yet. He attributes it to the ongoing pandemic.
  • The current charter appears to be missing from the website and so he is looking for it. Not sure if the charter online is the current version or not. We will need to find it and upload it to the website. Maryam said it should be on the website.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan: Will confirm that the charter on the NPOC website is the original charter or not.


  • Next NPOC EC Meeting will take place in July 2020.

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