ICANN 62 – NPOC is growing up!

ICANN 62 – NPOC is growing up!

Three NPOC Executive Committee members attended the  ICANN62 Policy Forum held in Panama from June 25th to 28th, 2018. In addition to the Executive Committee members, the constituency had representatives from the Onboarding Program, 3 people, One Regional Fellow and other representative from our members team. Some of our attendees already had experience and other ones were new in ICANN meetings.

Meetings & Activities

  • Capacity Building

Presentation: Joint NCSG/ALAC

  • Members’ Session

NPOC’s member session encourage  all attendees to participate, with many of them asking about how they can get involved in the Policy Committee and help NPOC to contribute to to policy making.  There were 8 people who signed up. The ExCom, in its due diligence, formally sent a call for volunteers on the NPOC Discuss list.

This is a historic moment in NPOC’s journey, where a Policy Committee will be formed with experts on the Internet Governance and operational issues that will educate and engage members in the policy development process.

  • OnBoarding

The OnBoarding Program, started a couple of years ago with Martin Silva as Mentor for Agustina Callegri.  The results of the Program provided NPOC with toolkit consisting of A Beginner’s Guide to NPOC, A welcome Letter and a Marketing Flyer.

For the ICANN62 Policy forum, Ioana Stupariu and Destiny Tchéhouali attended ad mentees of Onboarding Program, with Tapani Tarvainen as their Mentor. Gloria Meneses as our Regional Fellow, and Emerson Duran, member from Colombian organization.

  • Executive Meeting

(Credit: Caleb Ogundele) From the upper left:  Remmy Nweke, Caleb Ogundele, Dina Solveig Jalkanen, Tapani Tarvainen, Ioana Stupariu, Joan, Kerr, Juan Manuel Rojas, Gloria Meneses, Raoul Plommer, Destiny Tchéhouali, Martin Silva and Emerson Duran.

  • Accomplishments
  1. Policy Drafting Team Formed
  1. Prominence on ICANN Instagram
  1. Participate in the NCSG Capacity Building Workshop
  1. Presented at the NCSG/ALAC Community Outreach event

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