NPOC EC Meeting Notes – Tuesday, March 17 2020

PRESENT: Joan Kerr, Oreoluwa Lesi, Carlos Raul Gutierrez, Ioana Stupariu, Caleb Ogundele, Maryam Bakoshi (ICANN Staff)

ABSENT: Raoul Plommer,


  • Ioana: Had a call with Caleb and Joan on syncing membership and communication efforts. Their potential plans include the following:
    • Plan is to have a members’ call every 3 months, with next one planned for April (before Easter and next EC meeting)
    • Introduce 2-setup membership process: 1. Via NCSG 2. All applications have to be signed by organisation ED to ensure that all organisations members of NPOC are aware of the obligations and that they are representing the organisation’s interest and not a personal interest.
    • Update the welcome message for new members and Beginners’ Guide
  • They started discussing the content of the members’ meeting e.g. some educational segments e.g. ICANN staff talking about opportunities for NPOC members to get involved.
  • Received from Juan the report of the membership survey
  • Reviewing members’ missions to identify possible PDPs and WGs that they might be interested in.
  • Caleb: Suggested pulling together educational resources for members.
  • Joan: Suggest inviting members from the region that we will be going to for the next 3 months e.g. in the 3 months leading up to ICANN68, NPOC members from the Asia-Pacific region will be invited to share their work as it relates to ICANN and NPOC’s work from March to May.
  • Action:
  • Caleb: To share 2nd survey results with Ioana, as the one she has only had 8 respondents.


  • Joan: Elections are coming-up in May


A.) CHARTER: No update has been received on the revised charter yet.


  • Maryam will check with Mary Wong of ICANN if there any updates.


  • Ore: Shared key discussions from the NCSG PC meeting
  • Carlos: Mentioned that Rafik has proposed a Chair and 2 Vice Chairs for the NCSG PC moving forward. Carlos suggests that the NPOC Policy Chair also double as one of the NCSG Vice Chairs.
  • Carlos: Won’t be running for NPOC Policy Chair in the forthcoming elections. He will consider running for the Council if an opportunity presents itself. He feels that NCSG has a shrinking role within the Council and it is important to make more of an impact.


  • Caleb: He put up some updates on the website during ICANN67 but there’s nothing new up there now.
  • Mentioned that no EC member is using NextCloud and suggested that we use Google Drive and other Google tools for action tracking and storage, since most members are already using those.
  • Joan: Asked about the members’ profile/section for the website i.e. where members can update their own details. Caleb mentioned that if the members’ information has already been collected by CIVIC-CRM, then there is no need to duplicate the effort.
  • Ioana: Will look through the CIVIC-CRM database to see what information is in there and missing, so she can have a more comprehensive view of what needs to be done to ensure that old members’ information is updated and new members’ information captured at point of registration.
  • Ore: Mentioned that Trello was the best tool she had used for tracking projects. Although the Google General Actions document is good as a repository for all activities, it can get unwieldy as it grows.
  • Action:
  • Joan will share the link to the General Actions docs with Ioana
  • Caleb: Think through best tools that EC can use to track actions and store documents


  • Joan: The collaboration with ALAC, GAC and NPOC is going well through not much has happened in the last few weeks. Will update us as this proceeds.


  • Joan: NPOC has a review coming up. This will cover things like: Is NPOC publicly documenting our materials, how transparent are we, etc?
  • Carlos: There are internal reviews for constituencies periodically, which are very thorough and assess whether we are doing what we should be doing as a constituency and meeting up to ICANN standards. Usually conducted by external assessors.


  • NPOC EC Meeting | Tuesday, 28 Apr, 2020 | 14:00 UTC

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