NPOC EC Meeting Notes – Tuesday, February 18 2020

PRESENT: Joan Kerr, Raoul Plommer, Oreoluwa Lesi, Carlos Raul Gutierrez, Ioana Stupariu, Caleb Ogundele, Maryam Bakoshi (ICANN Staff)


  • Joan: The last meeting included a chat with Cooperative Corporation of .ORG Registrants (CCOR), which involved listening to their perspectives regarding the stability of .ORG domain management. Joan said that we would hold ICANN to their responsibilities.


  • Everyone is all set for traveling to Cancun
  • We await news of whether the meeting will go on as usual


  • Action Item:
  • Joan asked those interested in attending ICANN68 should let her know by Feb. 21.


  • Carlos: There will be a next week NCSG PC meeting to discuss planning for the future of the committee.
  • Joan: Asked if Carlos has followed up with people interested in joining the NPOC PC.
  • Carlos suggests that we get people volunteering for PDPs and liaisons to PDPs. Rafik is proposing 2 Vice Chairs and hopes that one will be an NPOC member. Hopes that this will give us more opportunities to get involved, but after next week’s meeting, we will have a better plan for planning our involvement in policy-making.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan will work with Carlos and Sam on identifying and mapping-out what opportunities exist and share with NPOC members so they can volunteer for what they are interested in.


  • Ioana just assumed her position as Membership Chair and met with Juan to see what has been done already.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan will meet with Ioana separately to discuss plans for outreach.


  • Caleb: Need to fill in members’ organisations on NPOC website. Suggests we get the information from the NCSG membership application form.
  • Can’t speak to adoption rate of NextCloud by EC members, but proffers that people are used to other tools and so switching to a new one is not easy.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan: Will send link to spreadsheet of members’ information to the EC.


  • Raoul: No feedback on the charter yet. Sent an inquiry email to Mary Wong yesterday to find out if there’s any news.
  • Joan wants to know which charter we are operating under
  • Raoul: After the check by ICANN Legal, the charter still needs to go through a period of public comments, so will still take at least another month to complete.


  • Ore: Shared the latest finance records yesterday and Raoul confirmed that this is accurate.


  • Joan: ALAC was invited to apply for some funding and will propose to develop their education strategy. Maureen Hillyard (ALAC Chair) has invited NPOC to also participate (on providing information, on-boarding and identifying opportunities for members wishing to get more involved).
  • Carlos: ALAC merges all it’s policy issues calls into one weekly call, which is very vibrant and interesting.
  • Joan: Will create a collaborative committee where ALAC and NPOC can contribute to policy education and participation.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan: Will speak to Ioana about this to brainstorm for ideas.


  • Ore: Will be drafting NCSG’s contribution for the call for public comments on ICANN Travel Support.
  • Caleb: Will be contributing to the call for public comments on the NextGen programme.
  • Discussion about reasons for Under-representation and lack of engagement of Africans (and others) in ICANN activities:
  • Caleb: Believes language is an issue; data costs; time constraints; lack of understanding and need for mentorship.
  • Joan: Suggests we schedule presentation with Jan Aart Scholte on findings from an ICANN study about levels of legitimacy beliefs, at the NCSG meeting in ICANN67. This has been scheduled already for the NCSG meeting, so NPOC members can join that.
  • Action Item:
  • Joan: We need to identify what the pressing issues that prevent some members (including Africans and from other geographic areas) from more fully participating in ICANN activities. Afterwards, we can craft a strategy to address these e.g. mentoring for lack of knowledge.
  • Joan: Suggests we reach out to AFRALO to explore opportunities to collaborate.
    • Caleb: Will reach out to Seun Ojedeji (AFRALO Chair) on this matter.


  • Joan:
  • Intersessional will be a 1-day programme added to ICANN68
  • Will talk with Stephanie about the plans for Intersessional
  • Stephanie asked Joan to talk about respecting other people’s opinion and people at the Intersessional. This is a follow-up to an accusation of systemic racism in the ICANN ecosystem by a (NCSG?) member a few months ago.
  • Caleb: Often making the effort to listen and hear out others (the appearance of…)


  • Action Item:
  • Joan will follow-up with Carlos and Ioana and Caleb to discuss the fellowship engagement.


  • In Cancun:
  • NPOC EC Meeting | Saturday, 07 Mar Day 1 | 13:30 – 15:00
  • NPOC Policy Meeting | Monday, 09 Mar Day 3 | 10:30 – 12:00
  • NPOC Open Meeting | Tuesday, 10 Mar Day 4 | 13:30 – 15:00

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