NPOC Chair’s Notes: Kobe Report & Marrakech Plans

NPOC Chair’s Notes:  Kobe Report & Marrakech Plans

During the ICANN64 Meeting in Kobe Japan, the NPOC EC held its monthly meeting to discuss the
joint session with ALAC, website launch, and the charter, and discuss strategies for educating our members to encourage participation in policy development. In addition, the Executive Committee held
a Charter Review Meeting attended the Newcomer’s Day, host the Constituency Day, jointly host an
ALAC/NPOC session.
The Charter is progressing well. The EC has made several significant changes that crystallize the mission and role of NPOC within the ICANN ecosystem. Changes that will help to operate the
Constituency in an efficient manner. However, public comment will help to solidify the NPOC path forward.
ALAC and NPOC have agreed to co-host two joint sessions to introduce and clarify our responsibilities within ICANN. The goal is to identify ways to better serve our members by collaborating on developing materials and build capacity. The session is a huge success, The next session is in
In Marrakech, NPOC will attend the GNSO sessions, the schedule is not available at the moment.
I hope you will join us for the Policy and Membership meetings in April, and that you will also assist in
reviewing the Charter when it is posted.
Joan Kerr, Chair, NPOC

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