ICANN65 Session Notes: ICANN’s Community Anti-Harassment Policy: Securing an Environment of Mutual Respect

Name of Session: ICANN’s Community Anti-Harassment Policy: Securing an Environment of Mutual Respect

Date: Monday, June 24, 2019

Attended By: Ore Lesi


A few months ago, some community members raised issues that they believed were important issues on harassment.

ICANN already had an anti-harassment policy, but created a working group after hearing the complaints. The WG were charged o take a fresh look at the issue and make sure they are adopting best practices to make ICANN a safe space for all community members.

There are 8 members of the WG, including all the female board members.

Goal of the WG:

1. Oversee review of community’s understanding of existing Community Anti-Harassment policy.

2. Recommend ways to improve existing policy and practices.

The WG is not time-bound.

Key Points:

Current Status of the WG:

1.) Increase awareness of anti-harassment tools

  • Embarked on a campaign:
    • The ICANN Meetings app allows members to report an incident anonymously
    • Same info is also on back of badge
    • Need baseline information so changes can be measured. Survey is on app to be taken at end of ICANN65
    • Created informational banners and set-up around the meeting
  • Research:
    • Assess community climate through surveys
    • Provide regular information about policies and procedures
  • Training: For all members of the community

2.) Gather best practices:

Identify new training opportunities to address harassment in meaningful ways

3.) Review Existing Policy

Role of the Ombudsman Office:

Expected Standards of Behaviour:

  • Secure an environment of mutual respect, support and collegiality for everyone in the ICANN’s global multistakeholder community
  • However, as a result of our different cultural backgrounds, we don’t all have a common understanding of respect and collegiality
  • These apply to everyone within the ICANN community from other members, staff, board, vendors and contract staff
  • On-call translation services are available for people not comfortable expressing themselves in English

GNSO has a WG called PDP 3.0 to improve effectiveness of process of PDPs including how leadership manage the process and interactions between community members in the process.

NPOC Operational Issues Identified (if any):

The work of this group affects all members, as it seeks to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable within the ICANN ecosystem, without fear for their physical, mental or emotional well-being.


All NPOC members are encouraged to:

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